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Reserved - Payment pending 4 soaps & 1 Balm

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Wilco Roos

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Cleaning up my Shaving Den i decided that soaps i used little, because of not completely loving the smell would have to go:

Stirling - Satsuma; 1 time used | 10 Euro Sold
For me the scent level is to low, i expected to be standing knee deep in satsuma's
Stirling - Gin & Tonic on the Rocks; 1 time used | 10 Euro
I love G&T as a drink, weird that the smell of this soap did not much for me, and my wife hated it..
Stirling - Sandpiper; 1 time used | 10 Euro Sold
This one just does not fit in my favourite scent line at all.
Chiseled Face - Cryogen; 3 times used | 10 Euro
I rather have cold soaps with a smell, not just the Menthol/Eukalyptus
Catie's Bubbles - Waterlyptus; 5 times used and a small sample taken | 10 Euro
I have tried to love this smell, it is just not me :-(
Lather Bross - Amaroso "lovable" Soap&AS Balm; Never used | 15 Euro
Opened it, and it is just to sweet a smell for me, so it was gathering dust :-(.

Prices are without postage.
If someone wants the lot,
6̶0̶ 40 euro including postage within the Netherlands, or 6̶5̶ 45 euro with postage to Germany or Belgium.
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Wilco when i want a normal "non menthol soap"to have that nice cold feeling i just do a little swirl in the chisseld face after that i use my normal soap as useall and then you got a nice smelling soap with menthol . just a tip. Good luck with the sell!