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9/8 Chopper in Black Horn


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I bought this 9/8 Jackson Stacey & Smith Sheffield 1/8 hollow quite awhile back on eBay for a good sum and finally got around to restoring it. The blade itself was in great shape and I only hit the back, spine and tang starting with 240 greaseless and left it at a satin finish. I didn't touch the front because of the blade etching. The tang stamp was a little worn, so I think I hit that area only with 600 greaseless.

The original scales were heavily flea bitten, so I fashioned a new pair out of black horn. I must have made 3 or 4 different designs to try and fit a pair of scales on one piece of horn to no avail because of the size of the blade. I finally resorted to eyeballing an arc through the horn on my scroll saw to make a set of scales that essentially used the whole piece. Fortunately it worked well and I was able to fashion a pair.

I must thank Brad (Undream on the other fora) for the idea to get bone material from your local pets mart. I cut a cow bone dog knuckle I got from there and sanded it into a wedge. My garage stunk for 2 day! I do like how you could see some of the grain of the bone in the final product as well.

Anyway, the pinning was done with triple stacked brass washers to imitate the original bullseye pinning (I couldn't salvage the originals as there were only 3 remaining), and brass rod.

I really liked how this one turned out, but wish I had a slightly longer horn blank so that I could have made the wedge extend further from the wedge pin.

Something about big blades really appeals to me and I love the 1/8 hollows over the wedges as I think they shave better. They also leave a much smaller bevel, which is nice as it doesn't eat into the frosted etch.

This one is a keeper and I have a couple other choppers that I'm most definitely going to do something similar. This one shaves like a champ though!

Any comments/criticism is more than welcome.



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Thanks guys :thumbup:

I've done a lot of restorations and this one is by far my favorite of them all. Something about old sheffields in horn that just fit together so well.


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Love it! Horn's my favourite material by far, and I know it's better looking in reality than on pictures (it's pretty hard to catch that sheen on pictures). Also, you kept the lines simple which is a plus in my book.

I've tried but didn't find anything to criticise ;)


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That is very nice work and another razor saved for the generations!
That's a Mighty Manly blade! I've been on the lookout for a 7/8, but they seem kind of wimpy looking next to your Axmaster 9000!