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#9 is Mine!


So, I finally got what I was looking for! I have PayPal'd the quarry and #9 should be here in 3 to 4 weeks. I certainly hope it shows up sooner! Rob at the quarry was a pleasure to deal with. Bouts will be included for both the BBW and Coti sides of the hone. Needless to say, I'm psyched!

Thanks Bart!
Well Done Dave, I hope you enjoy a lifetime together :thumbup:
Mine took a little over a week to arrive so with any luck She should be with you soon
Congratulations Dave.

You won't be disappointed.
If you need further assistance getting acquainted with it, we're all here to catch you.:)

Sweet! Nice score. Some people might not care for the color, but I personally like the gray.
Thank you friends!
I'm currently prioritizing my razors that are in need of some serious honing. I don't know about you all, but most of my razors are old blades. I don't worry too much about scratches or a little pitting, what does bother me are all the sellers that claim to sell "shave ready" razors. Indeed, very few of these purchases have been shave ready for me (it may be just my own sense of sharp). The coticule seems like a great option when receiving a razor that you really don't know how much honing it may need. All of the info that you all have provided, gives me confidence that with my new stone I should be able to tackle most of my honing needs. I used to think that these razors would only need a touch up. I have the tools for touching up, but not for really putting the razor through the needed slurry progression ala Bart.
Here's wishing for speedy mail service,