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A Bird in the Hand - Sometimes Not So Good....


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A story that I related to an ex-girlfriend last night:


Interesting day today. Had a good bike ride this morning and was upstairs showering - actually, I just stepped out of the shower and was about half-shaved, with lather still on my face - when I heard this loud:


It was like an explosion. I ran downstairs to the kitchen and there is glass everywhere - I mean every-freakin-where. The double glazed casement window over the sink was smashed out. Smashed in, actually. I thought some kids had thrown a brick through the window, and so I ran outside (in my towel...) looking for whodunit. No one there. I go back in. No brick.... WTF?!?

I look around and there is this red-tailed hawk laying dead on my kitchen floor, ~25 feet from the window. Don't quite know what happened, but she flew in and it looks like she either broke her neck against the glass, or against the back wall. Dead as a doorknob. I was a little concerned because it a little trouble getting her out if she was still alive. I put on a canvas jacket and some thick, leather gloves (only marginally helpful because of the towel...) and checked her out like I was some kind of great Falconer, training one of his prized birds in his kitchen! Nope. Definately dead.

Anyway - now I have this gaping hole in my kitchen wall in the cold. And, of course, this is where forever hauling around all my (treasured) junk comes in handy. I had a nice roll of 3.5 mil plastic sheeting in the garage and a handy roll of duck tape in the utility room. I spent the next hour-and-a-half breaking out all the remaining glass and then closing up the window with the plastic. It's on there. Front and back. It's on there. It's on there so well, I don't believe that same hawk would be able to penetrate it. Well, not now, anyway...

The cat panicked and immediately went for the most secure of her hiding places. She is still in there, now 6 hours later.

So, here I am. I just spent the last ~2 hours sweeping up glass inside and outside, and vacuuming everything up. It's a shame that it took the loss of a beautiful bird to get me to clean my house.




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Great story, really liked it.
A few years ago the same thing happened to me , the bird was a 'slechtvalk' (don't know the English name) also a kind of hawk.
Probably chasing after something :cry:



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We have "Mr Robin" in our

I have heard about this sort of thing before, apparently the predatory birds see a reflection in the window glass and go for it, Bang one dead bird, and unfortunately for you a broken window.
I was in our garden last year and heard a dull thud, when I turned round there was a dead female blackbird on the path, still warm and very dead, go figure.

Great Story, shame about the Bird :cry:

Ralfson (Dr)


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slechtvalk=peregrine falcon I believe.

These guys end up in my fly tying desk after a proper cleaning.:p

I used to contact the local fish and wildlife to figure proper ways of disposal, but they are a pain. Now I just throw them away. I fear actually using them for chances of getting mites in my proper fly stock.
This used to happen all of the time at my last place (picture windows). Now we don't have a window big enough to attract them. Shame about the window, but thanks for sharing.


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*wipes tears from eyes* Oh shit, I haven't laughed that hard in a long, long time. Not because the story was funny, but the your re-telling was classic.

Thanks, Steve :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


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jkh said:
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Thanks. I had fun with that. Funny, I just got a note from someone about this who said:

"You're lucky; it could have gotten a lot worse if you also have a shaving accident from being startled...."

No - I told him. I had the towel on...:lol: