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A Converts Tale


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It’s been a mere 7 months since my journey began.
I took the well worn and trodden path away from the Mach3 and following a brief flirt (about 2 months) with a DE and it wasn’t long before I dipped my toe into the wonderful world of straight razors.
It was tricky to begin with, but after reading and re-reading the advice of others from various forums, some of whom post here, I finally managed to nail my technique and achieve a regular bbs.
Still learning and still improving.

Was I happy?
Not bloody likely!

It was around this time that the razors I acquired were beginning to lose their edge and the shaves began to suffer as a consequence.
Being the kind of person that likes to do things for himself, along with an inability to leave things alone, hoping to refresh my edges I purchased a Naniwa 12K, an 8K and finally a 5K.
And this is where my straight razor journey took a turn down a honing cul de sac.
OK I know. Such things take time, right?

I purposely chose the synthetic hones over the naturals, because the advice given favoured the synthetics as noob friendly. In that they were deemed to be more consistent than the temperamental nature of the Coticule.
However, no matter how many threads I read on the various forums, no matter how many videos I watched…I just couldn’t get a shave ready edge on my razors.
I couldn’t understand what the hell I was doing wrong.
I accepted that there was nothing wrong with the hones and that it was my technique letting me down.

It was around this time that I was reading a particular thread over on SRP, about a member who was learning to use a Coticule which included the advice of another member (Bart) giving his opinion on the versatility of this ancient stone.
His passion was both obvious and infectious and my interest piqued.

After discovering this forum via that thread and reading the boards, especially the Sharpening Academy along with the invaluable hands on experience of the members here. I purchased a yellow Coticule bout.
On its arrival I set about trying to achieve a shave ready edge using the Dilucote method, from dulling on a glass onwards through the stages…and failed to pass the HHT.
Not to be put off I added a layer of tape and created a secondary bevel.

The first ever straight razor I bought, a vintage Sheffield J&W Ragg has this morning just given me the smoothest of shaves.
After the first couple of passes I found myself staring into the mirror in disbelief!

Do I owe this to my new found honing skills?
Ha…I don’t think so!

My Coticule, this forum, Bart and the members here…take a bow.

Grinning from ear to ear,

Good Wishes,

Hi David and welcome to :thumbup:

Thats very good to hear, and I wish you every future success
Keep up the good work

Ralfson (Dr)
Welcome David..
Yeah...we are a friendly bunch of gents in here:rolleyes:

And that journey does take time and effort...not to speak of passion. But its a very rewarding journey indeed...a journey that doesnt seem to have a final destination as it continues to expand in strange ways. Thats the beauty off it:thumbup:
Kind regards
Indeed Sir Torbs
The journey is the destination as someone once said :thumbup:

Ralfson (Dr)
You are so very right Sir Ralfy.

Peace,love and understanding. Power to the people. Peace in Vietnam...Darn..what year is it??

All I can Say is sorry to David for a bit of a

And Torbs everyone here knows its 1967, in your earth years of course :thumbup:
Ha! Well said! Welcome, this is a pretty interesting place to hang out.:thumbup:

wow no wonder we have trouble remembering things :blink: hahaha

Ya know I always thought you were younger?? crazy how we make stuff up eh?

Best regards from one old codger to another
Ralfson (cough wheeze)
[h1]1969 RULES![/h1]

Rictic, thank you for posting that. We have a steady in-stream of new Coticule users, who need go through the process we all went through: frustration and wonder how a task that sounded simple can appear to be so challenging. Your post confirms that the challenge remains the same, regardless of the synthetic or natural setup.

Congratulations on your first success. Do stick around, things only get better.:thumbup:

Kind regards,

(mind the guy with the blue hat:D )
Bart said:
(mind the guy with the blue hat:D )

Thats Leon Russell! A god amongst men! (well piano playing music arrangers any

Wonderful to see you Sir Bart you have been missed my dear friend

Best regards
Ralfson (Dr)
Thanks for the welcome guys. :thumbup:
Still got a way to go before I get the best out of my stone.

Will pictures and a description help identify what I have in order to squeeze the most out of it?


Oh, what a night
Late December back in sixty-three
What a very special time for me
As I remember what a night.

...I'd be a month old! ;)