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A day called


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In the USA it is the day called "Thanksgiving." A Thursday intended to make us stop and think of all we have. So much for which to be thankful. My list is long and you all are on it!
My thanks to all of you that have made my mind a better place to live! To all that have broadened my understandings of more than just razors, Happy Thanksgiving!.
May you always have enough, that you may be thankful!


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Happy Thanksgiving! It is a nice tradition to spend a day to focus on all the good in our lives. We don't have Thanksgiving in Belgium, though I sometimes think we better should.

Best regards,


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Thank you very much for the scale drawings..that was very very kind indeed!
A very good - though late- thanksgiving to you and yours.

Though I seem to remember something about your best friend,beeing a better friend than you thought ;)

Most kindly