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A question for Bart


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As you know, I now have in my posesion a 25mm x 150mm stone that has more than fulfilled my expectations as a stone capable of handling warped blades and performing final finishing on all my razors.

When I received this stone it came with a bout that I have been meaning to ask you about. It seems no matter how hard I try, it will not produce any slurry at all when used with this coticule. I can get a slight slurry to form if I use my No.2 slurry stone but not with this slurry stone.

I am sure you have seen this before and can probably explain what is going on here. So what's the deal?



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rayman said:
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Differences in hardness, I presume. If you combine a *hard* Coticule with a hard slurry stone, you'll need some extra effort to create slurry. Though your particular specimen is pretty fast on just water.
To create slurry, try rubbing with the slurry stone a bit tilted, so that you drag the slurry stone on one of its edges over the surface. I've rubbed slurry on that hone, when I tested it at the quarry, and relied on that approach to get things going. That's what I usually do on hard Coticules.

Kind regards,


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You are right about being hard. I will give that a try. Wow! what an edge this stone produces.




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Who was it that said???...

You could cut grid lines (or checkered lines) on the flat surface of the slurry stone and it will make more slurry faster when rubbed on the hone.