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A Thread on the A. Simpson Shaving Brush Company History


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Hello all,

Gary Young, the last Simpson family member to have worked on making Simpson branded shaving brushes, has joined Badger and Blade and is answering questions about the history of the A. Simpson shaving brush company. He has been giving insights on the names of the shaving brushes and about how the shaving brushes were originally made. It is a great read that will probably only get better over time.

Here is the thread:

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I have really enjoyed the thread. :thumbup:


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Yeah, B&B is an interesting place ;).

On another note, my apologies for posting from other forums. If I find something I find interesting, I like to share it with folks who might not see it.


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altshaver said:
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Anything that remotely relates to Coticules (and thus to shaving, knives and woodworking), is very welcome to be linked, regardless it is found in a book, on other websites (forums included), or on any medium.

Thanks for posting,