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From the 'Account details' page on this site:

AOL and other corpses, but no Mastodon?
At least change AOL to LOL


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... and as @dirk is German, StudiVZ is a must.

As I have just set up my own Mastodon instance I thought there would be a way to add my handle to my profile.
On other forums, I'd just use my signature...


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No, it isn't.
It's more like Twitter but nice.
It's not owned by a single mega-company. but by many smaller instances catering for small groups (like - for example - wet shavers)
If you want to stay away from all social media, delete your account here right now.
Forums - like this one - are social media.


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@sɐǝɹpu∀ I know that any forum is a kind of social media, but FB is not social but asocial. And for what i can detect or block there is no finger printing, tracking or any other dirty trick active on this website.


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