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Added n°20 to the Vault


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Testing was completed on N°20. It's a "La Petite Blanche". This layer is turning out fairly consistent. These are all fast cutting hones with excellent feedback and a very decent blue one at the other side.
N°20 is peculiarly interesting because of its size. It's long and narrow (but not so narrow it takes special skills to keep a steady stroke.) Great for smiling and warped blades. The length makes this one double fast.

Best regards,


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Somebody is going to be very pleased with that one. When the time comes to get another Coticule I'd like one that size. To begin with I was kind of wary about getting a narrow one, but now I can see how it would be very useful.



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A perfect hone, I may be interested in that one. Though I believe it may be too long to hold in my hands so I may cut it down to 18cm. We shall see.

Bart, I know you are recovering, but please do it quickly as I am anxious about the other hones in the vault:( Is there anything we can do to to help?:)


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I would like to claim this beautifully long stone if no one already has. I wanted to try out a 'La Petite Blanche' and this one is perfect. So please write my name on it unless someone has already beaten me to it!



P.s. You mentioned shortening it to 18cm, that would also provide you with a perfectly matching slurry stone for it! But I don't know if I would ever have the guts to do that...


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I would only shorten it until I had to. The length is part of what makes this one so special. I bet you can hone Dilucot in no time. With such a skinny, long stone I imagine it might become a bit unwieldy while honing. You'll have to ask Bart what it's like honing with it.


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justin said:
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I'm not going to shorten it, that would be hard to do anyways. :) It'll be a bit different using it since it's so long and fairly narrow, but I look forward to trying some nice long stokes on it. It's a fairly fast cutter, and with it's length it'll be awesome to hone on! Can you tell I'm excited to get it?