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Advice for a decent electric shaver


(As an introductory note, this is not a troll of any sort but a sincere question. Mods can move my thread anywhere in the forum else if this section is not appropriate)

For those who remind me, I have not been around for quite some time due to several issues in my personal life but I will be active anytime soon. I do not forget the B&B community!

Back on initial topic: my father has been diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor. This is affecting his hand which lost most of its strength and motor function. Basically he cannot wet-shave anymore in safe conditions, and my father has been complaining about the electric shaver he already owned being a very awful shaving device.

Can you recommend me a good enough brand/model of electric shaver? I would like to offer my father a new one while he gets his treatment and until he hopefully recovers his strength and good health.

Thank you very much for your help, kindly appreciated.
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Unfortunately I had some similar experience with my dad short before he died on cancer. He was a barber and always shaved wet but due to the circumstances at the end he was unable to stand before sink and shave. I bought him a Braun with the clean and charge station (I think it was a series 3) and he was quite satisfied with it. After he died I gave it to a friend of him who has to take blood thinning medication and ca also not shave whet. He is still happy with the Braun.

Hope your dad get well soon.
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