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Advice to buy a big specimen


I've seen this specimen in a local store for about 150€. Seems like a La Dressante but I don't know for sure. Size is 20cmx5cm (8"x2") 13mm thick combo in selected grade. It is a good deal? Sorry, this is the only photo I have:



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yes it sounds like a more than fair price although it will be a heavy stone to hold in you hand while honing(could also be just me linking smaller hones)

kind regards

edit: just checked ardennes coticule and they sell a standard graded 200*50 for 160 so I would certainly say it's a steal


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Hi Bandini,

I paid about that amount a year ago (so "old" price)for my La Petite Blanche, which is the same size stone.

Don't worry about the weight, it's no problem at all keeping it in your hand. EDIT: except if you want to emulate Paul and hone a whole bunch of razors in one go ;) Sincerely,


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I have a big stone like that (LPB) that I paid quite a bit more for. It does get heavy in my hands after a long honing session. Last weekend, I had a couple guys over and honed a few razors for them, and I rehoned a couple of mine prior to that. By the end of the evening, my stone holding hand was worn out... So was my honing hand.