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Advise on getting a new stone pls


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I'd like to get add a new coti to the collection.

I have a La Petite Blanche, a les lat with hybrid, and another les lat with BBW.

I'm looking for something that is the opposite of these.
They are all fast on slurry and water and are very forgiving with dulicot.

Strange as it may sound I'd like something more challenging i.e. lots of slurry dulling, very slow on water.

I was thinking maybe La grosse blanche, is this one that tends to not offer much edge refinement with plain water and makes for a slightly mellower edge. I'd be interested to see if I can notice the difference.

Any recommendations would be appreciated,




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I would say the la patite blanch has been quite a challange. as they can seem to be , good slurry dullers. I my self would like to try a lgb. I would say dilucot is a challange. If you are getting good edges , you have nothing to challange.

what about a la novelle vein?


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Hi Gary,

I've just been looking at some old posts of stones from the la nouvelle vein.
Sounds like some of the other members have certainly found them a challenge to get to know.

I did find my lpb hard to dulicot on, it was my first coti and was happy for a year or so with my unicot edge.
That was when honing was just a necessity and not a hobby.
Now I'm confident with dulicot on my les lat I've gone back to my lpb and it is my favourite stone for dulicot now.
The slurry dulling at the earlier stages doesn't seem to be a problem any more. The stone more than makes up for it later on in the dulicot process.

I guess coticule honing has become my meditation at times and trying other stones variates that.
I've come to realise that it isn't because I need to hone a razor (there's 20 or so in the draw freshly honed), it's the state of mind it puts me in.
Well that's my excuse anyway :D

I'll definitely consider the la nouvelle, thanks Gary.



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Try to find a la nouvelle veine that's fast on slurry slow on water. They're a great layer, not much talk about them for some reason.


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Thanks Nick,

Think maybe I should contact Maurice, he sounds helpful from what others have said.

If there isn't much talk of la nouvelle he may have a slice at Ardennes waiting for me :)