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Reserved - Payment pending All gone

Trader history for efsk (1)


Sky high and six thousand miles away
Trying to fit the straights into just one drawer, so some have to go.

First up: a Hartkopf. Bought because I love the companylogo: a bald head being hit with two large hammers. 13/16 in size, 1/1 hollow, round point. Suitable for all.
Because it shows its age: €40, postage included.
Hartkopf is gone.
Second: Thiers-Issard "Le Dandy". Just over 6/8, ¾ hollow. Great razor but have too many similar and will keep my TI frameback. This, too, shows its age a bit, therefore €50, postage included.
Last a Gevoso. Bought NOS in 2015, used 4 times since. Great condition, a tad under 6/8. €75 postage included.
Gevoso reserved while payment pendingsold
All razors will be honed before shipping, unless buyer request not to.
Thanks for looking

DSC03313.JPG DSC03314.JPG DSC03315.JPG DSC03316.JPG DSC03318.JPG DSC03320.JPG DSC03321.JPG

Thiers-Issard "Le Dandy":
DSC03322.JPG DSC03323.JPG DSC03324.JPG DSC03325.JPG DSC03326.JPG DSC03327.JPG

DSC03328.JPG DSC03329.JPG DSC03330.JPG DSC03331.JPG DSC03332.JPG DSC03333.JPG
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