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Reserved - Payment pending All gone

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Trying to fit the straights into just one drawer, so some have to go.

First up: a Hartkopf. Bought because I love the companylogo: a bald head being hit with two large hammers. 13/16 in size, 1/1 hollow, round point. Suitable for all.
Because it shows its age: €40, postage included.
Hartkopf is gone.
Second: Thiers-Issard "Le Dandy". Just over 6/8, ¾ hollow. Great razor but have too many similar and will keep my TI frameback. This, too, shows its age a bit, therefore €50, postage included.
Last a Gevoso. Bought NOS in 2015, used 4 times since. Great condition, a tad under 6/8. €75 postage included.
Gevoso reserved while payment pendingsold
All razors will be honed before shipping, unless buyer request not to.
Thanks for looking

DSC03313.JPG DSC03314.JPG DSC03315.JPG DSC03316.JPG DSC03318.JPG DSC03320.JPG DSC03321.JPG

Thiers-Issard "Le Dandy":
DSC03322.JPG DSC03323.JPG DSC03324.JPG DSC03325.JPG DSC03326.JPG DSC03327.JPG

DSC03328.JPG DSC03329.JPG DSC03330.JPG DSC03331.JPG DSC03332.JPG DSC03333.JPG
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