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Allied soldiers shaving cream


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It's a bit of topic. I visited the d-day museum in Bayeux. In one of the displays it showed personal care kit. It seems that mainly brushless shaving cream was provided. In the film they display about the operation you see one of the soldiers shaving at least using a brush.

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Thanks for these pics. When I was in Bayeux, I only visited the tapestry. Besides, this was before I got into razors.
Interesting, in the first pic, that condoms, biscuits and brushless shavingcream are kind of heaped together.
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We did the three museums of Bayeux in one day.

I think they were provided with all the things keeping them in the best shape as possible. Also stuff like foot powder. I didn't search for it, but I remember to have read once that aircraft bomber crews got speed to keep them awake on bomber missions.