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Alphy & Becs Shaving Soap

The King

Well-Known Member
Today I bought another 5 soaps from the above mentioned soap maker and with that it will be clear that I consider these glycerine shaving soaps to be one of my favorites. I've had the scents Peppercorn & Patchouli and Mandarine from Alphy & Becs in the past and at the moment I'm still the lucky owner of the Cedarwood.

The smells of these soaps are delicious and also in the lather the smells remain perceptible. Especially the Cedarwood with its smoky wood scent is a winner but also the natural mandarin scent is more than excellent.

The soap is available in 13 scents on their site and now only in aluminum cans. In the past the shaving soap was also available in a glass jar.

A disadvantage is the small diameter of the can, which makes it difficult to load the soap with larger brushes.

After loading the brush, it is no problem to lather up the shaving soap on the face or in the bowl.
If you dip the brush in the water every now and then during the foaming process, a nice solid layer of foam will quickly form, which is very firm and therefore does not dissolve.

The lather has very good protective properties and also a fantastic sliding layer that leaves a fine film on the skin so you can easily go over the skin several times without causing irritation.
It is also important that the beard hairs are sufficiently softened so that the razor blade can move smoothly over the skin.

The ingredients list states that the soap, in addition to glycerine, contains Jojoba oil, vitamin E and St. John's wort extract which, according to the manufacturer, nourishes, repairs and counteracts irritation.
My skin also feels cared for and hydrated after every shave with this shaving soap.
@The King, you are such a bad influence on me. :verwarnung1

This is one more soap place that I have bookmarked because of you. I see that there is a second formula, one they call a CO-Q10. Have you tried this soap? If so, how does it compare with the one you reviewed?
No, I've never used the new formula with the anti aging components before. In fact, this is the first time I see it, otherwise I would certainly have bought one at my last order for comparison. :(