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Am I the only one...


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Who looks at the vault 8-10 times a day just to make sure I'm not missing out on an update :lol: :lol: :lol:

Not to rush you or anything, Bart... Just patiently (as far as you can tell :p ) waiting for a chance to pick up another hone :D


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Oh thank goodness I am not the only one... I have a tab open on my browser static on that page, and refresh every couple of days... just in case.


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:lol: It's funny you brought that up, because I do check the coticule vault a few times each day! There are some really nice looking stones in the new batch, I am quite anxious to see how they are...:p


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I know. It is wonderful... It's so good, I just want another one a bit bigger. The shaves of this stone rival anything that I've used to date (including my Japanese Natural stone)


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:D :D
You guys make me laugh.
I'm really over my head in work at the moment (real work that pays the genuine kind of money my wife prefers over all the razors for honing that arrive here weekly). So you'll all have to practice some patience, because what little time left, I'm experimenting with a couple of BBW's to get Operation True Blue on the road in January.
But I'll sneak a hone or two in the Vault, anytime soon, to keep you guys fromm going completely cold turkey. :lol:

richmondesi said:
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It's about time someone said it out loud.;)

My best wishes for 2010,



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That's great to hear (about being busy with real work and potential vault updates too :w00t: )

Happy New Year to you too, Bart... May this new decade bring you many blessing:thumbup:

That goes equally for all of you regulars:)


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I appreciate the lack of competition on ebay because you all are glued to the coticule wishing page.. since I just acquired my holy grail rock without bankruptcy.

By rights I ought to let you gloat along with me, it's almost too much gloating for one guy..

they are Nice coticules and the reviews are very helpful, but I hadn't expected them to be so valuable as a distraction.. ;)