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An Observation on Stropping and Edge Longevity


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This has been discussed many times, but still I wanted to share my new experience.

To use the razor for what is designed for: shaving. Stropping everyday and leaving the stone only for when is necessary.

Turns out that I was able to hold a great edge for about month (so far), and still as sharp as the first day. Doing the strop and shave pattern, the razor just magically got better and better over the days.

Yes, I know that's the experience of many. Just pleasantly amazed that I managed to do it as well without any touch ups on the stone :)

I believe that once you give a razor a good edge, is all about stropping until it decays with time... longer than one may expect.



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I believe everything you've stated to be true..

Unfortunately, I've never waited for an edge to deteriorate from shaving before attempting to find more in the edge by another crazy idea I come up with on the hones..

It's like a curse... Never leaving well enough alone and always searching for the seemingly unattainable perfect shave.. or at the very least, better shave, or, failing even that, great shave.

It's like a dog chasing it's tail!


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Absolutely correct about edge longevity and stropping, although the factors like steel, beard preparation and natural coarseness of the whiskers likely play a key role in this process too.

My edges don't become better over time either, but that's probably because one of us it better at stropping or worse at honing. :p :D

But I agree: stropping is a completely underestimated part of shaving.
Here something written last week:
Bart said:
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Kind regards,


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Well, you're way ahead of me Laurent, I haven't shaved with an edge yet more than twice, but I look forward to the day when i too can experience that sweet spot that i've heard razors develop after a few shaves.

Thanks, Bart, for keeping me humble :) I'm constantly amazed at the small incremental improvements I am constantly finding in every aspect of this crazy hobby; just when you think it can't get any better, it does.


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wdwrx said:
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like Sir Bart, I too dont find my edges improve with use, I do know if I finish a razor on a stone that leaves the edge a little too crispy for my skin, that after a few shaves and the subsequent stropping that involves, the edge does seem to tame a little, however non of the coticule edges I have shaved with so far have been too crispy to start with, and they dont mellow with use, they just slowly dull off whilst still retaining there smoothness.

Ralfson (Dr)


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Thanks for all your comments.

Bart said:
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That might be the case... or maybe my stropping is worse and need more than one session to really finish up the edge after the hone.

But still, I kind of underestimated the stropping, and it does make a difference :thumbup: