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Another green mystery hone...


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Alright guys, here is the scoop. I was watching a red-point razor on the bay, listed for 50 dollars. I missed bidding on it by 6 minutes! I sent the seller a message and just bought it outright for the listed price. It contained a red-point razor and a strop/hone combo. I hoped that the hone would be the thuringian type, judging by the style of the strop. It showed up today and I am not so sure that is what it is. Here are some pictures of it.








The hone doesn't feel as glassy as my other two thuringians. It has red streaks with golden specks and darker specks in them. With slurry it cuts faster than my thurry's and gets dark fairly quick, but still much slower than a coticule. I tried it with oil and it almost seems like the hone was meant to be used in that way. It doesn't absorb any oil or water. The edge it leaves is very nice! It does take quite a few laps on water/oil only to finish and leaves a nice clean bevel with a slight matte look to it. Also, it is harder than my thuringians, but not crazy hard, maybe a little less than a C12k.

If it isn't a thuringian, I am thinking it might be a charnley, but I haven't seen any like that. Could it be some other type of stone I don't realize?