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Another success


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This is one of those "if I can do it anyone can tales"

Last week I picked up 3 rusty bits of steel that the seller at the antique fair called razors. I got them for 50p each only cos I cannot walk away, they seemed to be saying buy me"

One of them needs grinding (another day)

One is an old nice shaped wedge, last one is a Birko, Pride razor??. I know this as I spent hours cleaning off the ton of crap

Both had that many chips that if I had a fish I could have had a hearty feast

Anyway met up with my mentor Gary (of the Haywood) yesterday and honed out the chips on the birko with a 220 norton, then got it to shave arm hair on the 1000

Transferred to the coti, went through dilucot, shaved, BBS - job done

The HHT test was brill, the razor grabbed the hair bit through and spat it out.

I am no honemeister, but I would not have been able to do this before a) I met Gary (whose help has been immense) b) I joined this forum

Like I said if I can anyone can. I am still fascinated by the number of stones other forums recommend though

Now for that wedge and beyond

Shame my shaving techniques stinks or is that the new turkish boar brush I have. I think they took the hair from its rear parts!!
Thanks Tim,

Great story. I had the honor of shaving with a razor sharpened by Gary a couple of times. He was so modest to say that the razor was a peculiarly smooth shaver, but I know that even the best steel doesn't take such a great edge, without a true master to hone it.

Cheers for such a great tutor.
I love threads like this… Don’t worry, you will soon be honing every type of edge, be it hollow, warp or wedge… then one day you will look back at this thread and say to your self “I’ve come a long way”.

Congrats my friend.
Nice. Threads like this can be real confidence boosters for beginners (like me :blush: ). It's always good to read about a newcomers success. It's like reliving that time when, after so many tries, you finally honed that razor to perfection, and the shave was absolutely magnificent.

Thanks for the story.

Me and tim have spent a thew hours honing i remember when tim first honed a a couple of razors with me for the first time and we were both norton users. It was only untill i got into my coti i told tim about it and he brought my coti from me which was was my first ever coti and i no he swears by it. also his honing technique is massivly improved especialy his rolling x. I had the joy of using tims norton 220 and what a good hone that is for removing big chips.