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Any info on this hone?


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I picked this up at our local market for £2 this week, its a Salmon Genuine Yellow Lake oilstone.
I know they came from wales and its a natural, with a slurry it cuts slower than my coti and leaves a sandblasted type finish, with water it leaves lines like a coti but its a little coarser, and doesn't seem to polish as a finisher would.

I used it on 2 Razors yesterday, as the secondary bevel setter with unicot, just water about 100 laps and also as part of a dilucot hone, after 1/2 strokes, with a slurry about 50 laps, then dilute slurry another 50, then 100 on coti/water, so thats 1/2 strokes as usual, 100 on this with a slurry then 100 to finish on coti water, hht was good on both so I stropped 60/60 shaved, and the edges were great, dead keen and smooth, I have to try it again to see if its repeatable but so far so good.

Never heard of it. But that's normal, because I don't know that much about non-Belgian hones.:blush:

Sound great. Oil-stone you say. But you are using it with water, right?

I just hope you're not about to leave us, and start :D

Oh bugger your on to me (jk) hahaha

Just water I lapped it and I must say its not too shabby
I used a small dtm, i was going to use my coti slurry stone but didnt want to add any garnet
I bought one of these as well. Ralphy, is yours purple like a BBW with purple slurry? Mine has the yellow lake lable and says "support british labor or you suck!" or something like that... It polishes around the 8k level. Ive found out of all my slate type hones this one cuts the fastest with slurry and with water only. The Dragons tongue is in the middle and the water of ayr the slowest both ways. The WoA is the finest though by far. It has a lot of stiction.