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any info on this razor?


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I just purchased a Hilger & sons straight razor on ebay, and was hoping that someone would have some info that they can share with me about this razor. Age, quality of steel, shave, ect.? It has Hilger & Sons Germany stamped on one side of the tang, and the number 2257 on the other side. I'm not sure how to upload pictures of it on here so if anyone can give me advice on that it would be appreciated as well!



While looking for info on this razor i found this.

"I did not know anything about Hilger & Sons, so I checked my sources and
came up with a few data points. From what I've found, the company was
named after Johann Peter Hilger (1720-1788) and his sons Peter Caspar
Hilger (1747-1803) and Johann Peter Hilger (1752-1816). The first
mention I was able to find (thanks to Google book search) was in a
directory from 1798. You've already found out about the sons, who in
1779 built the house where now the Remscheid tool museum is located.
Hilger & Sons took part in the 1851 London exhibition in a joint venture
with three other Remscheid makers. From this source you can see the
range of tools made by these manufacturers: A German source
about the exhibition lists the tools in more detail and you can see that
dividers ("Zirkel") where among them:

I even found a trademark of Hilger & Sons on a screw box in an ebay
auction some time ago:

And a nice tidbit: One of the files in Duncan Phyfe's toolchest is
marked "Hilger & Sons" (according to the EAIA Chronicle).

I don't know how long this company existed and if Walter Hilger (the
handsaw maker) had anything to do with them."

I'm afraid I have nothing to add about the razor.

For posting pictures on, here's the information you need:

We have a few members with great encyclopedic knowledge about vintage razors. Let's hope one can shed some light on your question.

Kind regards,

I'm new to straight razor shaving, but I'm assuming that $17.25 is not a bad deal for this razor. It apears to be in decent shape, & i will find out if this is true in a couple of days.

Thank you for the link Bart
Not a bad price at all. The blade appears to be in good shape and still has the vertical lines on the blade from the factory. It probably hasn't been used much at all.
You can use some MAAS or Flitz metal polish to remove the small water stains I see.
Hilger & Söhne:
H, beneath a flower (tulip?), in a dotted oval border (1895, no. 2224): Hilger & Söhne, Remscheid. Registry class: 9b. Style: roman. Note: the stalk of the flower springs vertically from the mid-point of the ‘H’ crossbar.
I know nothing of the brand, but I can tell you that the grind that razor possesses is great for a heavy beard. For some reason 5/8" single concave razors are the best shavers I have used. I think it is because they don't have a belly. It combines the stiffness of a heavy grind, but toward the edge it is still thinly ground. It is a great combo and I own a Robeson (going to do a write up on them) and a Radiumite like that. They are my two favorite razors, they both take the smoothest edge ever. I can tell yours will be an excellent shaver :thumbup: