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I want to apologize for being a bit unresponsive and absent lately. I imagine most of you haven't noticed, but I have let a couple of responsibilities here lapse, and I am sorry.

Nothing drastic happened, just a rather unpredictable stretch of time, with the result being a large-scale withdrawal of attention.

Sorry about that, to those who may have been looking for me.

I missed you Jim, no need for any sorry as far as I am concerned
I trust all is well?

Very very nice to see you back
Your friend
Ralfson (Dr)
Hi Jim, how nice to hear from you.
I second Ralfson. Although your absence was felt as a missing, I don't think anyone felt you were letting us down. We all have our responsibilities, and I for one would hate to know that any of our members would not give his kids, partner or friend the attentions they deserve because of a website about pieces of rock.

Kind regards,
Thanks gents. Yeah, all is well, nothing to worry about here. I hoep the same for you!

Smythe, I grabbed quite a few last night...I think I'll hold off for now.