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Aquanin to the rescue!!


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Well tonight I was fortunate enough to meet up with two wet shavers to learn some Coticule honing. The teacher for the night was Russell (Aquanin). Now I had talked with Russell about my inability to set a bevel using my newly purchased La Petite Blanche. His stated “by tonight you’ll be shaving in the morning with your blade”.
We took my Dovo best and placed some tape on the spine, and proceeded to dull it on my glass Starbucks Frappucino bottle. It wouldn’t shave an arm hair to save a life. We decided we would learn the Dilucot method. He was sharpening another one of my razors on my La Dressante hone. I started the progression and managed to only pop hairs on the heel, like I had done previous to the meeting. He pointed out that my back strokes didn’t sound quite right, and noticed I had some difficulty. He informed me it’s not a race and to slow it down and make adequate contact. I began to hear and feel the difference after that. I did another series of half strokes, and OMG, it was popping hairs across the whole blade.
Now since it was doing that he informed me to leave the slurry on the blade but rinse off the Coticule and use water only. I did two more sets of half strokes on it. Then I proceeded to wipe off the stone and the blade and did about sixty x strokes on the hone. It was popping hairs before the stropping. Russell informed me that Coticule edges really shine after stropping. So I took the blade to my TM strop and did fifty linen and sixty leather. He inspected it and said, “It should shave you well. I’m surprised you did so well with your first Dilucot run.” I was ecstatic. I proceeded to hone up another blade, a Filarmonica 7/8. I was able to hone that about ¾ of the way. I had a bit of trouble on the heel, but again, that thing was sharp as sharp could be. I gave the Dovo a test run when I came home and it wiped five days worth of growth right off. BBS. I just wanted to say thank you to Russell for his guidance. I had to jest with him and tell him it’s probably because he was standing next to me, and when I get back home it will all go to crap again. I can’t wait to start honing when I get back home.
No Problem Isaac. Glad I could help and thanks for the post. While I am not new to honing by any means, I am a relative newbie when it comes to cotis but I can get a really, really good edge off of them. I am ecstatic that I could help him through his first Dilucot, which he did very well. He used a beauty of a La Petite Blanche and since it has a pretty agressive slurry dulling effect, I had him do about twice as many dilutions as I normally would so he could get a good feel for it. 20 minutes later he had a stellar edge. I am glad it shaved as well as I thought it would!! Congrats!! It will only get better from here.

While we were at it we recorded some regular progressive honing vids with the Nortons. I think a coti video is next!!
Gotta love the LPBs:love:

Congrats, Isaac. I firmly believe that a mentor showing you the ropes is the most effectual method for learning coticule honing. You shouldn't have any trouble doing it on your own now that you know that it CAN in fact be done. I think part of the learning curve is the incessant talk of all natural stones being so different, and then those who say you can't use a coticule to go from bevel setting to finished edge. Once, you experience it yourself, the peace that comes from knowing that if the results aren't there, it's your fault is really comforting. At least that's my thinking.

Enjoy 'em!

PS. I finally gave up on you selling me back that Semogue LE, and I broke down and bought the Semogue Owners Club brush :lol:
Well Paul,

I hate to say it, but that brush will never leave my hands. In fact, it made the trip from El Paso to Austin this week. Its by far one of my favorite brushes. I thank you every time i use it, and feel sad you sold it at the same time.

I agree with you about sitting there with someone while learning. I was able to duplicate the errors I was having for Russell, then he told me i might have my slurry a bit too thick. Seemed to even stuff out nicely after that.
That is very cool, thank you for sharing. It makes me wish there was a guy up in my neck of the woods. This sense of community is what makes this hobby so interesting to me.
Isaac, your story just made my day!
It is so much easier and more natural to learn sharpening skills when you can sit down with a good teacher. I often think how much easier it would be to guide people through the learning process if we could do it "live", instead of typing messages on a forum, second- and even triple-guessing what could be the problem exactly. As you experienced just yet, Coticules are not that difficult, if someone can show you how and guide you through it.

Congratulations to the both of you. This is what it's all about!

Thank you for telling us,