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Ardennes order time


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Im in Europe, so I thought that if I don't find a coti to my taste here for sale or trade, than I will order one from Ardennes. But my question is, if I ask for a specific layer, say a Les Latneuses, LPB, or La Veinette, in 125x40 size, how much will I have to wait for one to pop up? One month? Two? Half a year? Or it is faster if I ask them regularly if they have those layers in any size for sale?


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If you ask for 3-4 different layers while placing an order you might...
There is however a chanse none are available, and i dont know if they send a different one or not


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I think the way it works is - you tell Ardennes what you need/prefer and Maurice replies with what they currently have that are closest to your preference.

P.S. "tell"/"reply" == email


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vgeorge said:
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That's exactly how it worked for me.

A gentleman whom I hold in the highest regard, and whom I consider a friend, suggested I contact Rob Celis @ Andennes, which I did. Rob had Maurice contact me. I asked about La Veinette, 175x50mm. Maurice responded that he had one, and the rest is history.


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I called Ardennes couple of weeks ago, and was surprised to find out Maurice himself picked up the phone.

I stammered that I speak only English (well, I speak three other languages he would not have known), and that if he wants me to speak to Rob Celis, that will be fine with me, but that I am glad I finally got a chance to at least say hello to him, after being so deeply bonded to the stone he supplies the world.

No, he said, he can speak English. And, we had a nice short chat in English and sorted out our transaction.


I contacted Ardennes by e-mail with a request when they were busy finalising all the selection offers that Bart was so kind to arrange.Maurice responded with what he had available. Took a few weeks for me to pull the trigger (new pricing is ruff) after payment was made They shipped a.s.a.p. All together it was six weeks to the U.S.A. two of which was me procrastinating. shipping in Europe can be less than two weeks once you pick your coticule. Hope this helps.

Good Luck,

Peter B.