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Announcement As time goes by...


Dear members,

it was one year ago, when I posted that the ShavingUniverse forum is officially open. Due to sudden demand earlier than originally planned, which made it even more exciting.

The past 12 months were so fast, it felt more like 6 months. We had in our first year already quite a few challenges and needed to overcome different obstacles. Corona /Covid19 made our forum start not easier. Who knows how long this will still last and hinder us...

We are all the more pleased, therefore, that we were able to integrate into and that we could welcome all CBE members also here and give them a new home.

It is for sure that the next 12 months will bear some surprises also for us. In these times, you can not plan everythig like usual.

But we are very proud, that you all obvioulsy enjoy SU so much and participate here and support us while preserving the knowledge about wetshaving, no matter with what. :disco1

So we want to say "thank you" to all of you, that you are here and have fun with us, learn with us and bring SU to the next level in his growth path, because this will bring all of us a step further in our "wetshaving learning curve". :bier1

Because there are many new members now at SU, who do not know the "behind the scenes history" of SU and its German sister site FdR (, I made this "Thank you-Birthday-video" for all of you. Make sure you have your sound turned on teufel_lachend

It will start in a few minutes at 10 am. If you want to comment there, you need to be logged in into YouTube. Make sure you subscribe our YouTube channel so that you donot miss the next SU-video. Otherwise just post here in the forum.

Happy Birthday & Thanks to you all! :party1

Your SU-Team