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August 11th - August 17th 2019


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  • Floid Pre Shave Oil
  • Stirling Varen
  • Thäter 4125/5 2-Band
  • Wacker 6/8 Chevalier
  • Klar Klassik Rasierwasser
  • Klar Klassik EdT
Great stuff, great scent, great brush, great razor, great finish....

Wonderful shave!

RazoRock 400,
TOBS Peppermint,
RazoRock Game Changer OC 84P,
Gillette 7 O'Clock Super Stainless (2),
Kruidvat aluin,
Axe Dark Temptation.


First Shave of the Day here, first (DE) headshave.
After a cold shower with a nice peppermint bar soap, a nice shave with the peppermint TOBS I feel refreshed

Enjoy your sunday!
Shave of the Day 11.08.2019

Razor: Koraat 8/8 Wedge
Soap: Saponificio Varesino Felce Aromatica
Brush: RazoRock Barber 24
Aftershave: Floid Vigoroso
Pomade: Pomp Fanatic

Great Shave. I use my Straight Razor from Time to Time. But i have to be in mood for it. Today it was such a day.

Lathered up this wonderful soap and started shaving. It was a real please but i stick with my trusted DE-Razors and my Feather Shavette.

I think i do not have to say much more about the rest of my Equipment. :lol:lol:lol

Enjoy your day.
Housemade Tea Tree / Menthol oil
Shaving Soap: Dead Sea Shave Maelstrom
After Shave : Weleda
After Shave Balm: Weleda

Shaving Brush: Yagi 26 mm. Syntheet
Safety Razor: IKon 102
Razor Blade: Feather

In my constant voyage of discovery to new shaving soaps, the road is as bumpy as life.
You have depths but also highs.

There are shaving soaps that you want to throw in the bin after opening the packaging or after one use, because the smell and/or the quality is absolutely insufficient.

And the journey can only be sustained if there are occasional real winners.:carrot1

And today it was once again the case because the Dead Sea Shave is a fantastic soap at first use.

The manufacturer says the following about the smell: This is the Maelstrom fragrance-dive into the intransigent whirlpool of Spearmint, lavender and menthol crystals.
And he is absolutely right in this is a fantastic fragrance.
For connoisseurs this fragrance reminds me of the shaving soap from Smooth Operator, namely Lavender, Spearmint & Palmarosa.

The shaving properties are also fantastic, especially the slippery glide layer is striking.

But as always, I only pass a final verdict after 5 uses and as I now estimate that 4 remaining very pleasant shaves.
PS: Origins Easy Slider (USA)
Soap: Ariana & Evans „Tertius“ (USA)
Brush: Yaqi Sagrada Familia (China)
Bowl: Thiers Issard „Bol en corne“ (France)
Strop: XXL homemade hanging strop of yak leather (Austria)
Straight Razor: Ertan Süer „Legend Köroglu“ 7/8 (Turkey)
AS: Fine „L‘Orange Noir“ (USA)

These Turkish "scimitars" made by Ertan Suer are great shavers. At any rate commendable!

Have a nice Sunday!
Luyixian Synth-24x68,
Proraso Red,
Windrose D-04 stainless steel handle,
Tiger Carbon 3 holes 3rd x,
Proraso Con Olio di Sandalo AS,
TFS Crazy Sandalwood ASB,
Loris So Oud.


Brush and soap:
Luyixian Synth-24x68 and Proraso Red:
Proraso Red, my simplest and most chemical sandalwood, is a very useful soap. Can make a nice foam from it. You have all your tools under the white haze of the clay in this soft soap, but you can shave with it!
Knife and razor:
The Tiger Carbon 3 holes for the 3rd x used.
The Tiger has disappeared into the blade bank. No longer usable. In the 2nd round it was clear, that there was no longer a cut and then the skin started to feel irritated. So I grabbed another blade for the last round, a Gillette Rubie®. So, then you can tell a difference! The Windrose is a simple forgiving razor in the line of Lord L6, Merkur 38 and a R89. That kind of safe, dead sure razors. With a good blade you can shave with it, but not very controllable. Just it is, as it is.
Result: BBS.
Finally: Finally with the matching Proraso AS and TFS ASB finished and again taken care of the day in.
First a motorbike ride, then posting this and then lazy day!
After 10 consecutive shaves with a Mühle R89 w/o even a weeper (on a Merkur Travel handle, ASP/Ladas/ASP) yesterday back
Started with the Rockwell6C@4 (no idea which blade), and got distracted by little talking humans... small.cut.

Apart from that the 6c performs better under the nose (no need for Fusion trimming blade).

Pre: Proraso Pre green.
SC:Speick Active
BRUSH: Yaqi Sagrada Familia
AS: Mennen blue (france)

This is the Maelstrom fragrance-dive into the intransigent whirlpool of Spearmint, lavender and menthol crystals.

No way I'm putting that on my face but might look what other kinds he sells, hope the base is the same.

Rocnel Sailor (Gold Ring) Gen 1 with Feather blade for the face
Irving Barber Company Shavette with Feather Pro blade for the head
Yoresh Shaving Bowl
Plisson Acetate Burgundy 22mm
Eufros Sandalo soap and balm

A - 1.jpg
One more headshave for the world now:

Soap: Schmiere Abschaum by Rumble 59
Brush: Mühle Silvertip Fibre
Bowl: Lather Bowl by Fine Accoutrements
Safty Razor: Wilkinson Classic Premium
Blade: Astra SP
After Shave: Proraso green
Cologne: Copal Azur EdP by Aedes de Venustas

Kojak Style :daumenhoch
No way I'm putting that on my face but might look what other kinds he sells, hope the base is the same.

Okay, okay, Snuffy, I won't say again that you're missing out on something delicious with this wonderful smell by not wanting to use it........................ or did I say it now? :rolleyes:

But the smell of Tempest that I also have with the smell description of ocean waves with fennel, Geranium, Petigrain and lime is also delicious.

The base is the same without the Menthol.
today the skullcap. perfect knife, brush could be better, think it will end up in the Kliko. Soap on the other hand is one of the best buget soap there is. result a shiny skull. a nice weekend.

Arko stick.
Synthetische brush (Wish)
No aftershave