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August 16th - August 22th


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Razor: REX Ambassador
Blade: Gillette Platinum
Pre-Shave: Proraso Creme Pre Barba
Soap: Barbon Shaving Cream (Hungary)
Brush: AP Shave CO 30mm Silksmoke winterhandle
Aftershave: Phoenix Red Nite (Hungary)
Aftershave: La Bohéme After shave balm (Hungary)
EDT: Old Spice Original


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Proraso Crema Pre Barba,
Oumo Brush LE 095/102 / silk HMW gel tip 26 mm,
Stirling Grapefruit extra Menthol,
Mulcuto Schrägschnitt (plastic),
Feather stainless Platinium 3rd x,
Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kolonya Klasik Limon,
Mennen Baume Energisant,
Loris E-162 Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb.


Brush and soap:
Oumo Brush LE 095/102 / silk HMW gel tip 26 mm and Stirling Grapefruit extra Menthol:
Proraso Crema Pre Barba p lubricated the sheet as a prelude to a fresh start. Then with the Oumo Brush LE 095/102 / silk HMW gel tip 26 mm from Stirling Grapefruit extra Menthol soap a fresh fruity foam beaten. This brush simply eats it up, so it looks like there is no foam in the bowl, but fortunately it also gives it back when soaping. Quite a lot of nice and cool foam.
Blade and razor:
The Feather stainless Platinium for the 3rd x used. The Feather stainless Platinium keeps surprising me. Also this time I shaved comfortably, while I didn't like to use these blades in the past, because there was some damage with them. Funny. In the light Mulcuto Schrägschnitt (plastic) the Feather stainless Platinium is very comfortable and effective. Reading back on experiences in the past, I get the impression that this blade is very sensitive to the combination, so this one is a very nice one. Nice and smooth. Result BBS.
Finally: fresh and spicy, but not too cold finished with Eyüp Sabri Tuncer Kolonya Klasik Limon, Mennen Baume Energisant and Loris E-162 Viktor & Rolf Spicebomb.
A new chance tomorrow.


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M-keramiek scuttle
Frank shaving g4 brush
Agensol shaving soap, lea shaving cream
Rameau sens razor
Humphrey's cucumber mellon witch hazel
Tüff sensitiv, Wilkinson hydro balm

The lather of the agensol disappears so I added lea. I did a touch up of the razor on my new la veinette coticule. The shave was ok.


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First use of the Maurer&Wirtz Irisch Moos shave stick.
Great scent, nice economic soap. Rubbed the stick over my wet face and lathered with a Yaqi synthetic brush.
Nice creamy lather after a few added drops of water. More than enough for three passes.
The Le Grelot 6/8 did the rest.
As aftershave I used Irisch Moos off course, but not the current one, but a vintage bottle from the time IM was still Sir 4711 instead of M&W. The current one I don’t know, but the old one is different than the soap scentwise, but used together they form a nice scental chord.
Wouldn’t it be great if I could find a Sir 4711 IM soap! That one is somewhat rarer still I guess.

Jan Zoethout

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SOTD 20200817.

Proraso pre-shave cream (white).
Vie-Long foroafeitado SE 2019 synth.
Crabtree&Evelyn "West Indian Lime" shaving cream.
Schick type I1 injector.
Personna S/S PTFE (6)
Boğaziçi Lime EdC.


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M-keramiek scuttle
Cella shaving soap
La Maison du Barbier shaving brush
Muhle r41 grande + Lada #?
Vdh alum
Swish pitralon, isana ultrasensitive balsem

The lada felt a little rough so it went to the blade bank. The result was clean shaven.

The King

SU-Patron Gold
Pre-Shave: Prep
Shaving Soap/cream: Meissner Mint Ice Menthol

Shaving Brush: Shavemac 28 mm. Flat syntheet

DE-Razor: Wolfman TI-22 / Stork Titanium Aristocrat
DE-Blade: Captain Red 3x

Aftershave: Aqua Velva Fresh Control

Carbon blades are fun to shave with because of their strikingly different shaving characteristics.

They give a somewhat tugging feeling and it is therefore advisable to take it easy. However, although the tensile feel suggests otherwise, I never experience irritation when using them.

Regrettably, a Carbon blade loses a lot of sharpness in my third shave, so this Captain Red.
But it were three excellent shaves.
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