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Auto slurry


Hi All,
When finishing on my coticule it generates a jelly like auto slurry similar to no1 and No 4 in the vault. I have been continuously diluting this as to not dull the edge as I have read slurry is detrimental to keenness. By doing this am I helping or hindering edge refinement properties, just out of curiosity!
It shouldn't interfere with finishing. Of all the Coticules I ever used there was only one that required to be rinsed every 10 full strokes or so, during the final 50 laps. On all others, the vague hint of slurry didn't make any difference.
It's easy to figure out. Perform the Unicot method, while rinsing the hone every 10 laps during the final step. Work on your technique till you get a great edge. Some people get this right from the very first attempt. Others need to struggle for a while, finding a steady honing stroke.
Once you know you can repeat the Unicot edge, try rinsing only at the beginning of the final step. If it makes a difference, you'll notice it during the shave.:)

Kind regards,