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back stropping


Well-Known Member
any one tryed back stropping?

just thought i'd mention my experiance with back stropping.

i've tryed it twice now.

after shaving of dilucot and razor being shave ready but not having that smooth draw.

i have gone back to my burton cream side . i've performed 100 back strokes followed by 100 normal laps and to be onest i was quite surprised at the extra smoothness it realy made a diffrance. hht was samebefore and after but the smooth draw which i like was there after back stropping.

its well worth a go. i used my wider burton as it was easier with back strokes, may be its a fluke but boy it worked on my stainless steel puma. i always run the razor down my inside of my fore arm, i can tell if the edge is smooth by doing this. after back stropping the feeling was buttery smooth. the shave said it all..
Now that is worth a try, and I will next shave I will use a backhoned DA again on the hybrid side of a burton, 100 strokes, then 100 normal, I will let you know
funny that cause I just bought a DA downstairs and wondered what I was going to try with it? :w00t:

Cheers Mate