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Balea Man Shavingoil

The King

Well-Known Member

As I think you know, I like to use a pre-shave product and this concerns both oil and cream products.

I even enjoy putting together my own pre-shave oil but the main reason for this is that the prices charged for pre-shave oil are often very expensive.

During my last visit to Germany I found at the DM drugstore their own brand of shaving oil, the Balea Man which can also be used as a pre-shave. After several times to have used I am extremely satisfied with this pre-shave.

The oil is well spread over the skin, offers sufficient protection, has no adverse effect on the shaving lather, takes good care of the skin and also has a friendly fragrance.

In addition, the price is unprecedented low because the oil costs only € 2.95 for 75 ml. :Eek

For me, this oil with this price in addition to its excellent quality is rightly the one with the best price / quality ratio.goodjob!

And of course with a few drops of essential oil with fragrance of your choice and / or menthol crystals add you can also customize it to your liking.
Thank you. Maybe a good successor for the Castle Forbes Preshave. That is about 15 times at expensive and I am not impressed at all.

Besides the effect of the Castle Forbes pre-shave that I can appreciate, however, the smell of "wet newspapers" that is released upon application is a slap in the face every time. :uhoh

Their shaving soaps smell great and I don't understand why they didn't make the pre-shave a bit more attractive.

To come back to the Balea Man oil which smells a lot nicer for the little money.:daumenhoch
I have bought and used the same oil. When I use the oil when shaving in the shower. I have the impresion that it improved the shave. For the price certainely nice stuff.