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Bart: Any idea of the layer?


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Well I finally got around to learning how to use our camera and thought I'd inquire as to the layer of my bout. I purchased it from a member of the Badger and Blade board several years ago who orginally bought the item from Howard of The Perfect Edge. Unfortunately, there is not much marking with the exception of the thin brown lines on only one of the edges (shown).
I've only seen those brownish line on the fast side of the "La Dressante" layer. La Dressante is a wide layer, actually more of a vein with several sub-layers. I haven't entirely figured that one out myself. But those creamy ones are usually very fast cutters. Does the slurry on yours turns very dark soon after you start honing on it?

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It does turn dark when I use a bit of pressure. However, I have never used another coticule and therefore have nothing to compare to in terms of speed. On the plus side, as this is my only coti, I'm getting to know if better and better and it is producing some fine edges. My latest experiment has been mixing it up a bit and using a Norton 1k to refine the bevel (where needed) followed by your newly introduced modified dilucot. I sure like the half strokes with a bit of pressure on this stone.
If you use halfstrokes on plain water, do you see metal swarf appearing after a while?

That's one of the typical features of the La Dressantes I have in mind (note to other readers: it's not a feature of all La Dressantes).

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I haven't tried half strokes on plain water. Next time I'll give it a go a report back. By the way, thank you very much for your reply.
I gave the half strokes on plain water a try for awhile and did not notice any metal swarf forming. Hence, the precise layer of my bout may remain a bit of a mystery. Nonethess, this was the first time a tried half strokes on plain water, which I followed by light x strokes, and the technique produced a simply wonderful edge with no need for CrO. Maybe my best yet on the particular blade used. The edges obtained from my coticule have recently been just great. Favorite technique thus far - the modified dilucot. My Norton 4/8, my Chinese 12k, and my Tony Miller diamond pasted paddle strop have been lonely campers lately.

If any newbies are looking at this thread, I now believe a great deal of my prior failures had to do with an insufficient initial bevel. A good number of my razors are eBay specials where I didn't spend enough time making sure the initial bevel was adequate.
Thank you. And my congratulations with your good honing success.:thumbup:

Indeed, some Coticules don't give there ID away so easily.
Maybe if you shared more pictures, I could spot something that would give me a better clue. But it is very likely that we may never know.

Kind regards,
I've attached a slightly broader view again showing the only side with any markings, however slight. The remainder of the stone is just a solid color as would be expected with select coticules.
The image didn't appear using a highlighted web address and the image icon. I'll try again using the attachment box.
There's something wrong with that attachment. It's not uploaded to our server.
If you want you can e-mail the file to me and I'll place it in your post for you.

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