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Bart......, I saw the light !!


New Member

My username was Flup (now it's Balls) and I posted 6-4-2010 a question about " The final honing stage". I tried my Coticule again after some years and there were troubles when I changed my slurry slowly from milky to just Coticule with water. For me uptill now - begin april - the best was: 1000 to 8000 on waterstone and then some work on the milky Coticule.

After your answers I decided to try again some things on the Coticule - from milky to water dilution, and it worked! You can indeed get a sharper/keener edge if you use the Coticule as it should be used. My honing with the Coticule is not yet consistent and for now it's easier for me to use 1000 to 8000 on waterstones, then a milky Coticule(gives good feedback about the edge), then a Thüringer and finally a translucent Arkansas(not with oil but with water/spit).

My real fault was that I thought it were the stones that gave problems. this is untrue...: I just did a rather good hone in the past, but it could be done much better. After a 8000 stone I liked the kind of agressiviness that the "teeth" on the edge gave me. I didn't look beyond the 8000. The last days I found out that it is indeed very, very important that you must hold the razor with a light approach/ no pushing on the stone, just very light strokes. The sound that the razor-edge makes and how the slurry/water contact with the edge gives important feedback
Next week after some studying on holding the razor while honing on the Coticule from milky slurry to water, I will try a Dilucot-session.
So.........; I saw the light and I know now how it can be done. I will get there!


Balls/Flup from holland
Welcome back dude, one thing I dont understand? you say after the 8000 you go to Coti/slurry. why? have you tried just 50 light laps on coti/water, that way you should polish the edge nicely, and get that super sharp yet smooth coti shave :thumbup:
Balls said:
Next week after some studying on holding the razor while honing on the Coticule from milky slurry to water, I will try a Dilucot-session.

I've you're going to attempt Dilucot, please this thread. I've introduced a few changes to the procedure recently that make it easier to get maximum results.

Keep us posted?


After my 8000(Wüsthof) I feel it is the turn of a Coticule with milky slurry. I guess the Coticule is then more or less 8000 "grit". Perhaps some say that this is overkill in the 8000 range, but I just need the feedback of the coticule at this stage. At this time it can give me the feedback of the sound and the way the slurry moves over the edge and the edge sucks on the stone. I know I'm OK if this all works allright. Like I said before; next stages are the Thüringian and the Translucent Arkansas.
All those stages work OK for me now and most important is that if I try the Dilucot-method next week, I can compare the different stages in the Dilucot-method with the stage of the hone-method I use now. I think it is very important that you know where you are "exactly" in the progression of a hone-session. And this is surely the case in the Dilucot-method.


Balls(Bol) from Hilversum, holland