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Absurd hero
Not a brand there's much to know about, Benz. Waits has this to say:
Not seen too often either, but when you see them, they're mostly in real nice condition. Mostly silver, mostly OC.

Here's my first. Three-piece, long screw. Paperwork included
DSC06753.JPG DSC06754.JPG DSC06755.JPG DSC06756.JPG DSC06757.JPG DSC06758.JPG DSC06759.JPG DSC06760.JPG DSC06761.JPG DSC06762.JPG DSC06763.JPG DSC06764.JPG DSC06765.JPG DSC06766.JPG


Absurd hero
Yet another Benz. These razors really belong to the highlights of my collection, where this one really stands out in itself.
This, too, got here thanks to very international coöperation.
The Castello bladepack is included in the picture as all three of my Benz, through different sellers, came to me with such a bladepack.
Funny is how the shipper states bianco, yet everything except the razors handle is black :)
DSC06835.JPG DSC06836.JPG DSC06838.JPG DSC06840.JPG DSC06841.JPG DSC06843.JPG DSC06844.JPG DSC06846.JPG DSC06847.JPG DSC06848.JPG DSC06849.JPG DSC06850.JPG DSC06851.JPG DSC06852.JPG DSC06853.JPG