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Reserved - Payment pending Blackland Blackbird SB Polished

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I'm looking to expand my straight razor collection. Therefore this great Blackbird has to go. In mint condition. Used sparingly as it was a bit too agressive for my skin.

Price including tracked and registered shipping with insurance:
155 euro within Netherlands
160 euro within Europe

Trade for Straight(s) is also an option!
(Herder, Filarmonica, Heljestrand, Wade &Butcher, Koraat, Friodur, Henckels, Dorko)

20200101_112640.jpg 20200101_112657.jpg 20200101_112722.jpg
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Top cap and base plate only is also possible. Together they go new for 168 dollars (add shipping and customs to that).
Willing to sell top cap and base plate together for 105 euro (Netherlands) or 110 euro (Europe). You'll get the box with it.