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Blackland Blackbird


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The blackbird: with closed and open comb. I have the handle of 80 mm. In the past they produced smaller and larger handles as well.
Unfortunally other handles does not fit.

The open comb is too harsh for. The closed comb my favorit


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Good to know as the Blackbird has been on my list for over a year now. Every time one comes up, something else comes up ahead of it. I was leaning toward the solid base myself, but you just confirmed that this is what I will be looking for. :daumenhoch
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A safety razor that unfortunately was less attractive to me because of the thin handle

In my opinion the thin handle with a heavy shaving head on it is out of balance and I found it uncomfortable to hold on to, partly because of that.

I have also had both the open and closed comb in my possession and share the opinion with Onno that the closed comb is much more pleasant to shave.
I understand they retooled this razor after it's first iteration. That 1st one was a terrible design. One razor that made me reconsider using cartridge razors. Instead I just sent the razor back to the makers. I think it was initially released from a Kickstarter project.
The initial release was a Kickstarter project. I was not aware that the razor was retooled. I knew that it was always a more aggressive shaver than most. They have since built up quite a following.
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I've had both the first version and the current version of the Blackbird.
The first version had very sharp corners at the ends of the top and bottom plate that were clearly felt during the shave.
The second version has rounded corners which makes it feel much more comfortable.
I finally purchased a second hand Blackbird after all these years (probably from someone needing funds to get the Ti version). For now I will wait to see your review before putting it on my long range BST list.

I did, however, spring for the Ti Henson since I am enjoying the shaves from the aluminum version.
I had the polished version of the Blackbird with the 3 different handles (the short and long ones where ok but not used much). Shaves like a dream for me but want to know if the lighter Ti version is too my liking otherwise it's money waisted and let us be honest this is not exactly the time to trow money around. Lucky me the razor addiction is behind me so I don't know the Ti Henson ;)
I had my first shave with my slightly used Blackbird and have to say that I was very impressed with the shave. The cap is faceted, which makes it easy for me for find the proper angle and I thought I would not enjoy the handle, but it had good weight and balance. This was one of my few razors that will give me a one pass DFS+ and a two pass BBS with no touch up. For me, the Ti version can wait for the two years it took me to get this one.