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Blackland Sabre


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When the Sabre was released by Blackland I was in the middel of testing all kind of GEM based SE razors and really thrilled by the fact that modern producers were reinventing this type of razors. Most of the vintage stuff gave me a good shave but were a bit agressive and not really extreme effective...

The polished lv2 that I bought last year is fullfilling my wishes. It’s effective.
But also an agressive son of a bitch when not using the correct shaving angle. The sweetspot is extremly small but for some mysterious reason it suits me well and delivers almost everytime a really nice shave.
Good for you! I've used 30+ GEM razors and this was the only one that didn't deliver a good shave for me.
When the original Sabre first came out (before there was a lv2), I ordered one and found it to be a comfortable and efficient shaver. At that time I had extensive experience with the Gem type razors. I eventually returned it because it was no better a shaver than my MMOC or 1914. I did find it a smoother shaver than the Streamline, which I still consider to be a rough shaver.
Good for you! I've used 30+ GEM razors and this was the only one that didn't deliver a good shave for me.
Yes I know, also The King didn’t like it. For me it is even above the Streamline....

You're absolutely right about that in both the Vintage and today's Gem Krabbers can't appeal to me.

Somehow I can't get the hang of it, this also applies to all SE scrapers.

Aaaah, Nobody is perfect least off al me..;)