Blackland Vector


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I recently acquired a Blackland Vector in a trade for my Asylum RX (which has been with me since the first batch that was released). Interesting razor. The head is extremely small (no larger than the blade itself and is very nimble when shaving. I expected it to be a smooth shaver like my RX was, but quickly found that it could be a rough shaver if the angle was not quite right. I also found out that if not careful, the blade can be mounted backwards and yo will not find this out until trying to fit the base plate on to the head. :confused:

Turned out to be a one pass DFS with touch up, or a two pass BBS with almost no touch up.

Definitely a razor that I will acquaint myself with more when OCtober is over.

DSC02952.JPG DSC02953.JPG DSC02951.JPG


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Tried and tried again but didn't like it that much


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Because one person doesn’t like it others shouldn’t avoid it, might just be your favorite SE. Mine is the Paradigm, best SE out of 30+ I tried over the years.