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Bonsa diagonal


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It is Tuesday once again, and another slant shave. This time around is another bakelite classic, the Bonsa which I got from @efsk, who supplied me with many other interesting slants.

The Bonsa is a schragschnitt that has an angle more acute than the Mulcuto, but not as severe as the Neo razors. It has an unusually thick cap, which forces me to use an angle different from what I like, which is to ride the cap. Concentrating on the angle and keeping the handle straight at the same time does present challenges, however I am always rewarded with a close two pass BBS, even if the shave takes longer.


I am sure that when efsk adds to this, he will show a picture of the box with Herr Bonsa's picture on it (my favorite of his pics). ;)


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The Bonsa shown by @gvw755 is the most tilted of the two models I know exist. The other model has a more modest tilt, and shaves a bit more comfortable. It is also extremely lightweight and has, for some reason, a transparent head. And indeed beautiful packaging. I have a full set of blades, has this picture even bigger.
DSC02799.JPG DSC02800.JPG DSC02801.JPG DSC02803.JPG DSC03400.JPG DSC03401.JPG DSC03402.JPG DSC03403.JPG DSC03404.JPG DSC03405.JPG DSC03406.JPG