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i find an iregular bout comes in realy handy mine is 2cm at the end and starts out at nearly 6cm. I have a razor that the whole blade hones perfect flat except one side the heal does'nt. So i tryed starting my x stroke on the 2cm end placing the heal there and it worked perfect using the flat stroke instead of having to roll at the heal . my coti is no 3 in the vault.

In a situation like this i would just roll by starting out on the heal and finishing my stroke as normal at the toe. i do this both sides but as the heal does'nt make contact on only one side would you guys or bart hone just one side with starting point on the heal using the roll and then the other side that is perfectly making contact at the heal hone that side with regular x stroke?
That's a weird condition, Gary. I don't think I've encountered that yet. Is it a shoulderless blade?
I have had that sort of thing happen, cant remember the exact details now, but what I tend to do if 1 side differs from the other, is try to find a stroke that suits both sides, even if I have to do some extra 1/2 X work on the "odd" side, that way when it comes to doing regular instead of 1/2 X strokes I can settle in a lot easier.

On my G.Forzly warped,uneven spine, smiling edge blade! I did a lot of the hard work setting the bevel using my slurry stone! its about 1/2" wide and 3" long, you have to watch your fingers but it does get in the odd curves nicely
Basicly one side the heal makes full contact the other side the very heal does'nt it clearly leaves marker at the very beging other than that the blade is fine.As for shoulder i'll admit i would'nt no shoulder less razor. the side that does make full contact the bevel is a little wider than the side that does'nt seems like a slight warp at the heal to me.I do in most cases especialy when setting bevels start with the heal down first only very slightly as i find it spends less time on the hone and ends up never being as sharp as the middle upwards by doing this i find the heals get very sharp like the rest of the blade.
Hmmmm. Your post has got me thinking Gary. When I first acquired my stone I thought that the odd ends were pretty much wasted stone.

I usually hone with the one odd end of mine at the top, and my forwards stroke usually continues up into that part with the toe, but I never considered starting the returning stroke on the odd end. I usually just start below it for fear of dinking up the edge, but maybe I should give it a try, and I can try out with the stone flipped the other way too.

i think your hone is similar to mine i was doing the same thing i was finding my surface was wearing on that side so i have satrted rotating now especialy hen doing slurry honing i do dilucot so i do lots of laps
Haha, same here Gary. That right side was more worn than the left, and I could actually SEE that it was lifting the left side of the razor off the hone!

From now on I'll definitely make sure that I flip the stone between honings.
I turn my stone around as I go, you know that slurry that gets all dried up on the side of the hone, I like to wet that and turn the stone around, and I also start with the edge facing me and the heel touching, I often find I have to vary my stroke to catch the heel as it spends a lot lees time on the stone, something that helps me is to try to use a strip about 1" wide on the right of the stone, that way most of the blade gets about the same time on it