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Bouts or Rectangles?


Hey guys,

I've been reading a lot of coticules and I have decided that I am going to be purchasing one soon. As a newbie to honing and coticules, would you recommend a bout or a rectangular coticule? I'm planning on getting a 150mm x 40mm coti but I noticed that a lot of the hone in the vault were oddly shaped. I think that I've read somewhere that bouts are a bit more wallet friendly. I'm guessing that a rectangular coti would be easier to get acquainted with with the different types of strokes.

I've been reading a lot about the different types of coticules and I'm leaning a bit towards coticules from the 'La Grise' vein. Would that be a good coticule to start with or is that a coticule that requires the hands of a more experienced honer? What are some of the physical characteristics (when requesting from a vendor), the honing characteristics?

Thank you so much. I've learned so much in the past couple of days.



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Hi Drew and welcome to Coticule,be
I think you will find a rectangular stone easier to learn on, there is absolutely nothing wrong with a bout as long as it is large enough to easily performs strokes on.
As for asking vendors about the hones properties or the layer of origin, I believe the best way to assure that you get what you want is to deal directly with Maurice at ardennes, a true gentleman, and the prices from the quarry can be a little more thrifty than from a third part vendor.
And when choosing a layer I am no expert, however my La Veinnte (#10 in the vault) has served me very well as my skill levels have improved.
Best wishes
Ralfson (Dr)


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Hi Drew,
Welcome to

dreka said:
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Bouts can be a bit cheaper, but it depends. I like them for the extra character, and with some experience, it really doesn't make a difference to hone on a rectangular hone or a irregular bout of feasible length.
But 40X150 is an excellent format for honing razors.
dreka said:
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The La Grise layer is excellent, but so are most others. One of the advantages of La Grise is that doesn't exert a lot of the "slurry-dulling" effect, which makes it an easy going stone for someone who's never used a Coticule before.
"La Veinette" is probably one of the easiest stones of all, because it has only slightly more slurry dulling then La Grise, but more abrasive speed, whether used with slurry or not. Unfortunately, La Veinette is a thiner layer, that holds far less hones than La Grise, so they're not that easy to come by. Right now, Ardennes is offering all layers at the same price, with only 2 grades: standard and select. What layer you get, depends on coincidence. Luckily, it's only the work it takes that may vary between different specimens. The end results are all within a very close range. So, whatever you get, there's no substitute for getting properly acquainted with yours. The hones from the Vault only offer a head's start in that field.

Hope this answers some of your questions,

Kind regards,