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Brush maintenance


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I have a few brushes that i rotate.
Now I’m wetshaving with a straight razor for about a year now I was wondering. Should I be doing something with my brushes regarding maintenance? I don’t notice any problems with any of them but is there some sort routine any of you go through with cleaning them?
The only maintenance I do with both the boar and the badger brushes is to clean it once a quarter with a mild shampoo.

My Shavemac brush lost its hair, so I sent it back to Bernd.
After some research he wrote me back that the brush was well maintained so I suppose washing it with shampoo is enough.

I too have read the most extensive versions on the various forums with white vinegar etc. but I really only stick to the mild shampoo.
Nothing special really, I still have my brush that I used for over 30 years in the military and that one got abused a lot, being put in the backpack still wet and crushed in between other stuff, still works.
Hair is washed every time with use. Actually, don't do anything with it, except rinse well after use.
I don't do anything more than make sure I rinse each brush well after use and get as much of the soap lather out of the base of the knot as I can. I currently rotate 12 brushes so I haven't done it yet but will probably clearn them all with warm water and Dawn dishwashing liquid. I'd say with my rotation I can probably get away with doing that once a year.