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Butternut Scales


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Since everyone is sharing their latest projects I thought I would share my latest too.
These scales are made from Butternut. I had a nice piece of this left over from a box of wood my wife bought me for Christmas a year or so ago. They are finished with a good soak in Boiled linseed oil applied very hot and allowed to harden. Successive coats were made with warm tung oil with each coat allowed to dry then buffed. Hope you like them. The spacer is made from Buckeye. Comments welcome.






Wow Stew!
thats lovely work :thumbup: I am digging the finish, and the countersunk pins and the brass lined wedge and the... well all of it, lovely stuff thank you so much for sharing :thumbup:

BTW, Butternut? what as in the Squash?? nah cant be, can it?
Nice job stew. I can't remember seeing any recessed screws for pins though. I would like to see how you did the nut side too. I like the nice smooth lines you chose for these scales, very plain and smooth. Next time you have an open grain wood like this, try using a few coats of sanding sealer before you start applying the finish coats. That will help fill in the grain holes that are visible in the photo's and give you an even smoother surface to work with.

Overall Great Job!