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Buying new cotis - What is on the back?


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Hi guys.

I have been looking on the different sites that offer new coticules for some time now, and my triggerfinger is getting really itchy!!! :blink:

But I also want to get it right the first time, so I'm looking for a combi stone with BBW backing and not the useless shist-backing. Many of the online vendors fail to specify the types of backing on their select cotis... so how will I ever know?

I could also try and post a WTB on here just to see if I can't buy from a person who knows about layer, speed and so on...?? And it's always better to buy "slightly used" in my world... ;)

Hope someone can help clarify..


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try superior shave he has loads of coticules, combo's, he trys them out, and would give you a great service..

ask him for a nice combo in what size you want, and one that he recomends for your self.


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Well, you could also try contacting Ardennes directly. You will find the address
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. Maurice's expertise is probably unmatched, he'll pick anything he can find at the mine for you. I was nagging him about not too long, not too short, narrow stone, I even had the guts to specify preferred strata and he found four stones for me, and I ended up with
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. :thumbup: I really won't need another stone ever, but if (heavens forbid) I broke mine, I'd surely purchase from Ardennes again. Since you're in Denmark, then - for me - it would be no use to buy a coticule from a reseller, if you can get it from the very source.

My opinion.



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Yeah,it`s getting really anoying as I bump into Maurice every time I leave the house;)

The Ardennes is close to a 1000 km`s away from my place,but you are right Matt: Ask Maurice and he will find what you need. It will perhaps not be readily available but he will find it sooner or later.



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I know Matt,I know :lol:

It is always a good idea to ask Maurice...he is extremely helpfull and he might even have a good offer.

Now,I shall go to the supermarket.. Maurice,could you please leave my doorstep? You are in my way :lol: :lol:


PS. Actually Ardennes have a fixed price on worldwide shipping..or does my memory play me tricks...


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Its strange, I emailed Maurice 1-2 months ago about getting a very small la verte coti and I completely forgot about it, until today when he emailed saying he had one, and did I still want it.

The man's got a mind like a steal trap:rolleyes: Now that's service!

regards Alex


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Yep,Maurice is the guy to ask...And I often wonder why people go to the extremes to get just the right coticule. It`s quite simple: Ask Maurice.


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Maurice kan,som tidligere sagt,levere det meste. Både ifht. størrelse,egenskaber,pris etc.
Måske ikke her og nu,men han har en hukommelse som en elefant og skal nok huske dine ønsker.

Periodisk forrekommer der produktionsfejl i det -næsten- færdige produkt og du kan måske gøre en god handel.Disse fejl har ingen betydning overhovedet,Maurice går ikke på kompromis med stenens egenskaber men gør klart opmærksom på evt. mangler...det kan eks. være en vertikal revne mellem Coticule/BBW laget..

Hvis du beder om en "natural combination" finder han det til dig. Normalt er der ingen prisforskel mellem naturlige kombinations sten og den sammensatte type. Men hvis du explicit beder om en naturlig kombination kan den måske være lidt dyrere...hvilket på ingen måde synes urimeligt. Faktisk meget rimeligt endda da de har en højere gensalgsværdi samt er relativt sjældne.


A short translation: Talk to Maurice:w00t: