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can someone translate please?


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I won a hone off ebay and the instructions are in german. The hone is obviosly a razor hone, but it doesn't leave a nice edge at all. It is more along the lines of a 1-3k hone. It has a rubber and I was interested if it was used for slurry or cleaning. The hone is a whopping 2x9 inches long. It is a very fast cutter.





Any help is appreciated! Thanks,
This stone has been optimised for use by barbers and meets the highest expectations. Its cutting characteristics are very fine, and long-lasting, thus protecting the razor. "Nachziehen" becomes superfluous ("nachziehen" probably meaning bevel setting in this context).

Honing on oil or water will be efficient and elastic (whatever that means). No annoying shifting around of the hone any more. Economical use.


Apex hones are fast cutting. Try the edge after 4-5 rounds, and only continue if required. After honing, always finish on a strop. The edges will be perfected!

So, you obviously got yourself an APEX barber's hone.
Interesting, thanks Robin. After testing this thing, I would have to assume the use of a super pasted strop to deliver shaving results. This hone is very coarse. It cuts a little faster with slurry. The scratches it leaves are very coarse and it doesn't reflect like a mirror at all. It looks like a coti+Slurry scratch pattern from a distance.

It is interesting this hone is advertised in this way. It is weird because I've rarely found barber hones in this grit range. Im going to use it a lot I can tell!