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Charcoal Goods Razors

The King

Well-Known Member
The Safety razors from Charcoalgoods are currently one of the better safety razors on the market for me. This assessment is of course entirely subjective, but let me explain to you why I am making this statement.

The first to fall for the more than fantastic implementation of these safety razors. No insurmountable to see and a nice sleek finish with very little tolerance. The blade fits exactly in the recesses and due to the lack of any marge the blade is tightly centered.

I think the Charcoal with the level 1 shaving head is the biggest surprise of all available versions. Shaving is done in a very mild way but at the same time it is still very efficient which results in a nice shaving combination. The safety razor is a bit more sensitive to the right shaving angle than the level 2 and 3, but after a few strokes you have already found it. From Level 1 I have the dual shaving head with open and closed comb. In terms of shaving sensation you notice little difference in both sides, the open comb feels very mild.

The closed comb version of level 2 is in my opinion the ideal razor for most wet-shavers. This safety razor is of course more efficient than Level 1, but here too the feeling of shaving remains absolutely very mild. You can actually get this safety razor thoughtless over the skin after getting used to it a few times, because injuring it seems almost impossible.

The open comb version of level 2 feels slightly less mild than the closed comb version. In return, he is more efficient and with that he is in terms of shaving characteristics between the level 2 and 3 with a closed comb. This means that the open comb requires more attention from the user during use.

I also had the closed comb Level 3 version that shaves very thoroughly and deeply. This version is too unpleasant for me to shave daily. It was taken over by our forum colleague Kingjack, who is very happy with it.

To keep them in good condition, I clean them after use and rub them in with Renassaince wax. On the photo you can clearly see the difference, the two right-wing razors were used last week and a "green" haze is visible. The left razor has a wax layer and remains in optimum condition.
I love the level 1, 2 and 3 closed combs, got rid of the level 1, 2 and 3 open combs. I'm just not a open comb lover, tried so many and have now made de decision to never buy one again as they always end up with new owners.
I was able to get a second hand brass Lvl2 SB at a time when there was a wait list which I could not sign up for. It quickly became my favorite. I have since obtained a Lvl1 OC base plate and a SS top cap (all during the time of the wait list) and that forms my second CG razor. They have become favorites of mine. I did not think the SS head would shave differently from the regular ribbed brass head, but it does and paired with a milder OC, it becomes gentler but as efficient. Of course now with the wait list gone, I just have to follow when the new releases come out and watch during that time. A much better system for me.
Nice razor i got a question do you need too buy handle and seprate parts? and what are the best combinantions :)
@The King was kind enough to loan me his lvl2 a while back. It really is a very pleasant, very comfortable, and very thorough razor. I had some very good shaves with it. In my opinion: only the tightest tolerances, very good finishing, in real life it looks a lot better than the pics on the Chrcoal website when they first started. Had I known then, I'd have one for years now :lol
I made some pics of the razor as well:
@Rondaldvb: you can either buy separate parts or sometimes complete razors are for sale on the website of Charcoalgoods, also in stainless steel available now. If you shop around they come up on forums secondhand for a lower price. Great razors!
copper lvl 2 on shavenook
brass lvl 3 on badger and blade
you just have to look at as Many forums daily as you can or place a WTB (want to buy) there.
Today I receive my Lvl3 stainless steel base plate to finally match my stainless steel cap. So I now have a lvl1 OC brass plate, a lvl2 SB brass plate, a brass cap, a brass hammered handle, a stainless steel cap, and lvl3 stainless steel plate.


Tonight I shaved with the stainless steel cap and lvl3 plate. The lvl3 plate was very good looking, but I had to concentrate very much when shaving. Angle was important and I had to adjust to the cap more than I usually do. I still have both ears, my smile has not been extended, and I got a two pass BBS and so I consider the shave a success.

I decided to go with my titanium razor handle to keep the weight toward the head. This one looks like the CG hammered handle after taking steroids. ;)

I read the following on our sister forum about Charcoal.

Just got an email from Brian and here is some of what he said.....

right now there are no leads for a commercial space for my business, so the plan will be to move any remaining equipment into storage around october. Hopefully I'll locate something by February, but Charcoal will probably go dark for about 5 months. just no way around that. the new house is so small there isn't even room for a home office!

I've already sold my prized CNC lathe (machine that makes the handles)

I'll probably do a liquidation sale of the remaining brass/copper handles in september. I'm hoping to machine more of the everyday razor heads in stainless, but I won't have stainless handles for them. no lathe to make them. Things are changing very quickly so if you ask me again a week from now plans will have changed again.
I got one of the last batch of Everyday razors, which were all stainless steel. I opted for the head only as I have a bunch of spare handles that need heads. My Everyday head was matched with my scratch and dent Timeless Barber Pole handle and it worked well. The Everyday head is a big departure from his regular series in hat the blade alignment pins are on the base plate similar to the Gillette Goodwill and Razorock Mamba/Game Changer. While this is not my favorite way of mounting a blade, one gets used to it because that is the only way to put a blade on the Mamba. The other difference is that the grooves on the cap which was eliminated with the stainless steel caps, are running diagonally instead of straight. They are also not as pronounced as the copper/brass caps. After loading the blade, I noticed that this was the second razor this week (the other being the Henson) where the blade is kept flat except for the area near the cutting edge where it is clamped.

I started my WTG pass using my usual angle and immediately found that the shave felt like a Lvl3 head. I adjusted the angle a bit and found that I could vary the feel to be slightly less than a Lvl2 all the way to a Lvl3. Even at the Lvl2 angle, the first pass was quite comfortable and efficient. The ATG pass was just as comfortable, but left a little more stubble than I was expecting from a CG shave. I did a full XTG pass on my jawline and under my chin area and ended up with a BBS. This razor is definitely interesting and probably would require more shaves to find out it's full potential. It is definitely more comfortable and did not require as much attention as a Lvl3 (when using that angle), but it was not as efficient as a Lvl2 (when using that angle).

Charcoal Goods called this the Everyday razor because it was designed to be used as a daily shaver. For that it lived up to it's name.