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Chinese Clones


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With the arrival of the latest Chinese clone heads, I thought I would start this thread for Chinese razor heads. The thread does not have to be related to Chinese clones directly, but can include unique Chinese designs (like that face shredder Yaqi Ares slant).

I will be starting this off with one of the two clone heads I received yesterday - the Bevel head design with scalloped guard.


Since my Diamondback cap is still not back, I used the handle for my clone head. For those that remember the Bevel razor, it started life as a subscription razor system where there was a Bevel Razor and a whole host of prep things and the purpose was to combat ingrown facial hair. The razor was originally an Indian design and manufacture and the Bombay Shaving Company sold the razor alone with a mild and aggressive base plate (both smooth bars). Bevel sold the razor with only the mild base plate as it was designed for folks needing to be weaned off of cartridge razors (which caused ingrown hair)

The base plate was unique in that it had "wings"on each end to enclose the sides of the cap. While a nice touch, it did make the head longer than necessary.

Tonight's shave, I started my WTG pass and found immediately that the shave was significantly more blade feel than what I remembered the Bevel to have. I realized that the scallops actually had the effect of an open comb and so I adjusted my angle a bit and did my usual two pass plus touch up. Because of the size of the head, it was hard to maneuver under my nose, and overall the shave did have more blade feel than I prefer, however in the end I has a very good BBS. So I would have to rate this clone slightly better than the original as far as shaving goes, and slightly worse than the original as far as build quality goes, but one must remember that this is a $3 razor head.


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The whole reason I decided to modify my no razor restraint was because I was interested in the latest Chinese clone - the Muhle R41.

Since showing it last night, I have been able to work through it so that the cap mostly seats properly, although I have to pry it off with a screw driver when I want to load and unload a blade. I pulled out my R41 with the fake tortoise shell handle to compare. Yes, the Chinese also cloned the gold Muhle handle (which came from a different place and so these two separate pieces can not be considered one razor purchase).

The heads were almost identical, except for the badly shaped holes for the alignment pins and the overall poor quality of the clone.

Tomorrow, I will attempt a shave with $7 R41 clone and hope that my face looks the same as tonight. The alignment looks like it might work, although I have a backup razor at the first sign of trouble.:verwarnung1



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Let me know if the whole batch has the problem that mine does or if it is just mine. If the shave is good, I might order another that does not have my problem since they already refunded me my $3.


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Tonight was my dreaded shave with the R41 clone with the ill fitting cap. I started out with my normal R41 angle and found much blade feel. Not having shaved with the 2011 version of the R41, this felt like what most folks described. I immediately adjusted my angle to use more cap and it settled down a bit, but the blade feel was still present. I am not sure if it was designed that way, or if it was the ill fitting cap. WTG was very efficient, and so that was a good thing. When I started ATG, I had some blade chatter shaving under my chin and so I am strongly believing that it was the ill fitting blade.

The good part is that I again ended up with a two pass BBS with minimal touch up. The bad part was that the shave was on the rough side similar to the Bevel clone of last night. Again, Muhle does not have to worry for now. ;)

@Captain Future, very important that you let us know if the fit problem is just for my razor head, or if your have the same problem. If it is just mine, I might order another head just to fully judge the performance of this razor.

The King

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At Alixpress I bought a Merkur Future clone from QShave last year.
A few years ago I sold my Merkur because the curiosity for new razors made the collection expand too much.

The QShave, as I expected beforehand, would be a bad copy that would also have to be of poor quality, partly because I only had to pay $ 7 including shipping.
This is in contrast to a Merkur that quickly had to cost $ 85 include shipping

But the build quality of the QShave was just very good and also the shaving properties are great.
For this reason this scraper is an absolute topper.