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Clouds' Adjustables


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Quite a collection you have there. Very nice.
My only criticism is obvious:
Some pages mention patents for the razors, but there are no links to them (Google Patents, Espacenet or even my humble site)
Also, I'd love to see higher-resolution images.


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Amazing collection Claudio. I like the format.
Some of the razors need to be in my collection. I'll be keeping a watch on them on different auction sites. Unless you have some doubles that you want to sell ;)

Are you putting the collection in a display or keeping them in drawers?


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Thanks sɐǝɹpu∀
On the patents - 100% correct there. Where I mention patents, I have downloaded copies of most of them. The decision that still has to be made is whether to put them up on the page itself or reference them to another site.

The images on the main pages are 800x800, so you are able to "right click / open image in a new tab" which will give a higher resolution.
My knowledge of Image plugins is zilch and also something for the future.


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Thanks @Walid
:lol:lol:lol Bet that you have some that need to be in mine as well :lol:lol:lol.

They are not on display. I had an open cupboard with glass shelves made to hold them. That in turn is mounted in a Walk in Safe.


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We have two different types of collections. We do have intersections, though. I collect very old safety razors with the following priorities:

1. Historical significance (first design, first model from brand, etc...)

2. Interesting engineering (a complex design that solves a specific problem)

3. Justified rarity (rare for a reason, not because one person produced one razor at home)

4. Diversification (a variety of countries, designs, presentations, etc..)

5. Aesthetics (beautiful and creative presentation, items in good shape)

Clearly, Holpif, le Supreme, revelation, Krytyk, Olyfa réglable, etc. Fall into one of those categories.


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Lol, Justified rarity is a technical term in the Antique Business. At some point a lot of sellers started claiming rarity in mathematical term. I shit, and the shape of my shit is unique so it's rare and therefore must be extremely expensive.

The justified rarity came to infuse a qualitative quality when assessing the value of the item.

On itself it's a huge subject to debate.


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Which adjustables are you missing in your collection?

You even have the bottom dial, red dot and Gibbs 9.

So, what's missing?


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I don't know whats missing because I "bump" into ones that I have never heard of for example the
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It was pointed out to me. So just when I think that I've seen it all!!

Also while compiling the website, I realised some gaps in the collection, all of which will come up at some point.
Collecting is about patience and luck.

I can however list some of the ones that I know that I'm looking for.
Apollo Mikron 1 - The one that I found recently
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is some sort of transition razor
Hol'Pif - The one listed
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is also some sort of hybrid and probably rarer than an original - but I still don't have an original.

Brillant de Luxe - The one with the aluminium handle
Erfa Rasant - The Gen 6 that I mentioned in the Erfa thread. This and the Brillant, I believe will complete the DDR Adjustables collection BUT...that is until somebody comes and bursts my bubble!
Eclipse Red Rings - A Gen 1 and Gen 2 (I only realised this when I was putting together the Eclipse page)
Except for the Gen 1 Eclipse, although the Brillant and Erfa are not easy finds, they are not super rare and with a bit of patience and luck.

@efsk has this Eversharp (Norway) that is missing from my collection.

There are obviously more, but those are the ones off the top of my head.
On some of the pages, I mention the missing ones.