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Colonial Razors - The Silversmith


I recently acquired the Colonial Silversmith. Colonial is a artisan razor company and the Silversmith is their first double edge safety razor. A couple of years ago they produced The General, a single edge safety razor.

The shape of the razor is original I think. The shape of the handle is inspired by the work of 18th century silversmiths. It looks strange, but the handle has good grip. The handle is short, so very easy to move over the face. The weight of the razor is 95 gram.

Shaving characteristics
The razor is developed by the makers to be mid-aggresive. In my opinion the razor is on the mild side of the spectrum. I can achieve a BBS result with it without much effort, but the stubble return faster than it is the case with for example the Timeless 0,95 Smooth.

In normal cases there is absolutely no blade feel, so it is very, very comfortable. Although this feels very nice on the skin, this can be dangerous. There is the pittfall of putting to much pressure on the razor. After a few shaves, I had to deal with some kind of irritation. To prevent that, I shaved the last two times with a blade that gives me normal extreme uncomfortable shaves: the Kai. In the Silversmith it is a good blade: it gives some blade feel, but not in a very uncomfortable way. So the shaves with the Kai blade were for me instructional to use the razor properly.

For me this is a nice razor which gives good shaves. When used with enough care you can accomplish a very comfortable, but also very close shave. For me it is worth the cost of 125 USD.

If someone is interested to try this razor out, please send me a PM. Then I will send the razor to you to try it out.
And some pics:
Great review. The Colonial General is one of my favorite SE razors and I expected as much from this razor. Unfortunately it came at a time when many $100 stainless steel razors were announced and so I had to sit back and watch before deciding. This review helps a lot.
It's still personal, but I keep finding it a nice handle.

Far away I notice a bit of resemblance with Charcoal's Torpedo handle, which is so dear to me.

Thanks for the review and for testing I'm always in.
@daj gave me the Colonial Razors The Silversmith to test out.

And after two shaves I can already conclude that it's a lovely shaving razor that reminds me of the Gamechanger 0.84 in terms of shaving characteristics.
A smooth shave and in fact from the beginning you automatically get the right shaving angle.
In terms of efficiency he should let the same Gamechanger go first because the Silversmith shaves a little less deep. But with a Gillette Nacet knife you have an excellent combination.

Only the handle doesn't appeal to me at all, but the appearance does, because I think it's a beautiful handle to look at.No, it's the small diameter of the tapered end -just where I hold the scraper to make the upward movements - that makes it difficult to hold on well. This is the same problem I experience with the Blackbird I probably have too big hands to hold these thin handles comfortably.

Therefore the shaving head on a Titanium Stork Consul grip screwed and that was quite an advance.
How does the razor compare to the Charcoal Level 1 in your opinion? On another forum I read the Charcoal Level 1 was comparable to the Silversmith.
I have to say that it's all close together, the Charcoal SB Level 1, Gamechanger SB 0,84 and the Silversmith don't avoid each other much in my opinion.

I think the Charcoal is the most efficient of these three razors, but for a final judgement I have to use the silversmith 5 times.

Today I used the Silversmith for the third time and it was a very pleasant experience.