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Reserved - Payment pending Colonial Silversmith

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24A5957C-2092-4B7B-A4F3-3C5305C4FB8C.jpeg 0930856E-6EC6-4D3B-8630-F660CE3906CD.jpeg C01FC7AC-FFDC-41B7-9667-CC0B2AF2E419.jpeg B55D31F8-C0DD-4917-AD8E-EC54CEF303A3.jpeg My Colonial Silversmith is for sale. A nice looking and shaving razor with an original design in my opinion.

I paid 110 EUR for it, shipping excluded. It is for sale for 100 EUR:
> Shipping in NL and Belgium included
> And two of the three following Stirling ASB’s of your choice:
>> Barbershop
>> Sharp Dressed Man
>> Piacenza
This bottles contain still aproximately 95% of the aftershave

When you also buy the IKon B1 Slant, we will make a combined price.